Monday, August 26, 2013

back to school we go!

I couldn't help myself.  Leo had such a great first day back at school (Early Head Start), that I just had to share.

A quick follow-up regarding the feeding plan... Leo's school has been incredible. They were able to set a up plan based on the current federal guidelines for feeding toddlers, and he is set with Gerber Graduates fruit/ vegetable pieces mixed with Stage 2 smooth baby food. This is totally similar to what we are doing at home (providing chunkier texture than Stage 3), and a great start to keeping his progress on track.  We will still meet to set a plan that will grow with him and help challenge him toward overcoming the texture aversion and progressing toward full table food and self-feeding.

We also have a plan for mixing his thickened milk in the mornings in bulk and offering more of his sippy cup too (the other delay we've been working on).  So I have to share  - Leo took 2 ounces from his sippy cup at lunch, and a full 6 ounces from the cup during afternoon snack, meaning he had exactly zero bottles at school today! Yippee!!

Sharing the rest of his day in pictures....

First Day - August 2013 (with sister Meris sophomore & brother Seth pre-K4)
First Backpack!
Happy to go back to school!
Not so happy about his First Shoes....
Overjoyed to see Ms. Michelle!
We are so excited that Leo's lead teacher is Ms. Michelle!  She was his back-up teacher last year, so she knows him so well already.

Leo's lead teacher for 2013-2014, Ms. Michelle!
And now for the biggest news of all today... the text that brought tears to mom's eyes from Allison, Leo's speech therapist....

We celebrate and thank God for every small victory. This is the VERY FIRST TIME Leo has swallowed a piece of "table food" as a self-feeder from his tray!!  (Yes, they are the tiny, soft Gerber graduate apples... but we are overjoyed!) Yay for our Leo, we are so incredibly proud!

The little guy worked so hard and was worn out by the end of the day. 
Goodnight, sleep tight, my sweet boy.

With a happy heart,


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