Saturday, June 2, 2012

brothers: more alike than different

Before Leo was born, we worried about what kind of relationship he would be able to have with his brother and sister. Chris has only one brother and they are really close. We wanted Seth to have that same experience. But could he? Would he?  I pushed those thoughts out of my head for a while after Leo was born.

Then, on his first night at home, we saw this...

You might not be able to see it, but Seth has a huge grin on his face. Even on the first night at home, Seth already adores his baby brother!

Since then, it's been hard to capture a picture of the two of them without Seth cuddling, kissing, or hugging up against his brother.

 Okay, fine... it's been nearly impossible!

Seth doesn't know what the words "trisomy 21"
or "Down Syndrome" mean. 

He only knows that he has a baby brother named
that he loves with all his heart.

We may not know what Leo's capabilities will be, or what
activities he'll be able to participate in alongside his brother. 
But there is one thing we are already sure of...

These two boys will have a bond more special
than we ever could have imagined!

...they're more alike than different.

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