Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A First Milestone. Cereal from a spoon!

Now that Leo is five months old, and after a visit to the GI doctor about two weeks ago, we got the go-ahead to begin spoon feeding cereal.  Yay for Leo! 

Who knew that spoon feeding an infant with Down Syndrome could be such an adventure. There are different things to consider -- like the depth of the bowl in the spoon, how far to push back the cereal, or how to get into his mouth past his tongue!  The bigger Leo gets, the more I notice the size of his tongue. It's naturally wider for a child with an extra chromosome and he seems to be sticking it out more and more. He pushes it out against things that are put into his mouth. He blocks things that are trying to go into his mouth.  Are you getting the picture about our first experience with cereal on a spoon here???

It goes without saying that his first bowl was very adventurous.  Sit back and enjoy, as always, the many expressions of our sweet Leo and his first bowl of cereal. As only he can express it...

So... my mom is making me eat this stuff,
and I'm not so sure about it...

In fact, I don't think I like it one bit !

Okay now, someone make this woman stop!

Oh... wait a minute, maybe it's not so bad afterall...

Hey, yeah... I think maybe I like it.

Okay, yeah, I do!  I DO LIKE IT!!

Oh, how we love our Leo!  Just a couple more weeks and we are on to sweet potatoes...


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