Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the blessing of a half birthday

Six months... really?  Leo is celebrating his half-birthday today, and I'm having a hard time believing six months has really passed!  But it has.  And what a great adventure it has been! Aside from the numerous dr's appointments, alarms, moments of worry, sleepless nights and general newborn and baby events, there have been smiles and laughter, hugs and happy tears... and they have been too numerous to count.

For example...

A close friend said it perfectly today, "I have been humbled...". 

I am humbled by the past 24 hours as I have seen donations avalanche toward Leo's Lions (his team for the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas, 2012 Buddy Walk). I simply made a statement last night that the big walk is two months away, and I'm humbled by the generosity, love, and financial support that has continued to come our way. Our team is now over 80% (over $400) toward our fundraising goal! 

I'm humbled to hear a story that one of our donors gave every penny that they made last night from tips at work. Every penny! For my child and others like him!  I'm humbled that our friends would challenge each other, as well as the hearts of anyone who would read our facebook page... to not only give, but give more by topping their donation by $1. I'm humbled that for every "thank you" I typed on facebook, there were numerous individuals who "liked" the statuses. Whether someone could afford to give or not, so many became aware of our efforts and the kindness of others has touched their hearts enough to recognize that publicly.

In the past six months, there are many things I've learned about Down Syndrome and families who stand up to the challenge of raising a child with a disability that have really changed my view (in the best of ways) toward disabilities. Now I can say today was a defining moment that has changed my view on the world (at least my world), where those around me have hearts the size of Texas.  Where kindness and compassion have not been forgotten, those with Down Syndrome are loved and accepted, and good deeds are alive and well.

God has an amazing way of moving hearts and showing Himself to us.

It's Leo's half-birthday, and I could never have asked for a better gift!

Photo: Six Months!

With tears in my eyes, and a humble heart,

Joyce and Leo

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