Sunday, March 17, 2013

12 months - from quiet to chaos!

The time came and passed, quickly and quietly as can be, in the blink of an eye our little Leo turned one year old. Twelve whole months, just like that!  In addition to his First Birthday....

There were many other really fun firsts this month.  Like his First Train Ride...

First ride in a shopping cart...

First trip to the waterpark (Great Wolf Lodge, to celebrate the kickoff of March bringing in "World Down Syndrome Day")..

and First Circus... (Shrine Circus, complements of the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas!)...

All of these things, in addition to the routine PT/OT/Speech therapies, follow up visit to the GI doctor, and one year well check-up, made for a fun and relatively "quiet" month.  Until after the circus, that is... because after the three ring circus, came full-blown chaos!

Literally...after the circus, by the end of the day, Leo had vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever of 103.4.  Long story short, following two weeks of fighting congestion and respiratory infection he developed pneumonia. (Our second time to battle this!) He also picked up rotavirus somewhere along the way. It was a week-long battle of germs, fevers, breathing issues, and Leo feeling yuck.

The really cool thing about Leo, though, is that no matter how bad he feels and no matter how sick he gets, he finds some time in there to feel and act okay. In those moments, he showed off a couple new milestones!  That's right, I said our sickly little boy met some other firsts this past week, and I mean milestones.

Like ARMY CRAWLING.  Little boy who didn't want mommy to put him down had to sit in the kitchen floor as she is trying to draw up more medicine for him.  Big brother Seth tried to distract him with toys, but quickly decided to take them away. So what does Leo decide to do? Get down to belly time and scoot himself around the floor trying to get toys from his brother. Along came the Army Crawl! Mom is still trying to capture this on video...

And what's a sick week without a second milestone?  Leo now waves "hi"!

This one is in the pediatrician's office, right before getting the chest xray showing the nasty pneumonia. 

Wouldn't you say we have one friendly, crazy, amazing and adorable little guy?  Yes, I do think so.

with love,


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