Thursday, July 18, 2013

summer fun = milestones galore!

Welcome Summer!  Once summer arrived, somehow I missed a 15 month update. Can you believe Leo is already 16 months old?  I'm happy to say he's striving toward showing his age. This summer, and even moreso the past few weeks, have been filled with new babysteps and milestones. Stay with me until the end though, if you want to see some super cute pics of Leo's first vacation!

Speaking of milestones, Leo is still army crawling and has really picked up speed. He's been pulling up to stand really well since the beginning of June, and we were starting to think he'd never show interest in cruising. In typical Leo (or DS) fashion, just when one starts to doubt or wonder if something will ever happen, there he goes. He took some steps last week while holding mom's hands, then a few days later he transitioned from one piece of furniture to another by taking a few steps, and finally... he is now holding onto the couch and starting to cruise along a little. What do you know... he CAN move his feet.

Leo is also making some new sounds, signing "all done", and making messes. Yes you read that correctly, he is literally finding everything possible to get into and tear apart. From emptying toy containers, to pulling things down from every reachable place, taking clothes out of drawers that are slightly open, even pulling things over on top of himself. Look out world, and anchor it all down... This boy is on the move!

Last but certainly not least, the funnest milestone so far this summer was Leo's first family vacation amd first trip to the beach... to Galveston, TX. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about how he would travel, his reaction to living somewhere else for a few days, and what his opinion might be (if you don't know already, he is quite opinionated for a one year old...) of the sand, saltwater and hours in the sun. In continued Leo fashion, he never ceases to amaze us. Other than our first night of attempting a later dinner time which resulted in a baby meltdown, Leo was a champ. He adores the beach and had a lot of fun playing in the sand. And eating it. There was nothing but smiles and laughter in the water, even when the waves splashed saltwater in his face. I couldn't have asked for a more easygoing, laid back, and flexible boy.

Check out the fun he had...

He even wore his hat without too much complaint!

Loves, loves, loves his sister...

Happy to have him.  Life is good!

with love,

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