Monday, May 7, 2012

Where do we begin?

So, where DO we begin?  I've been writing a blog in my head for months now.  With every feeling of confusion, fear, and then ultimately excitement about Leo's arrival. From the moment he arrived in this world, all pink-cheeked and hairy, I began writing stories in my mind about the beginning of our journey with him.  But as with every family and the birth of a new baby, there was no immediate time to create a blog to put it in, much less type it! In fact, there's only been time to feed Leo, hold Leo, (feed everyone breakfast and carpool the kids), wash Leo's bottles, change Leo's diaper, (take other children to activities), feed Leo again, clean up Leo spit-up, take Leo to dr's appointments, change Leo again, (dinner and baths), wash more of Leo's bottles, change Leo again, (cook, clean, laundry), Leo, Leo, Leo... well, you get the point!

With no time to do it, then why did I even want to blog about this experience?  I remember a day this past fall/winter (in Texas, it's hard to distinguish...) -- during one of many, many conversations with my co-worker/office-mate/best friend Holly about my thoughts and processing the fact that I was expecting a baby with Down Syndrome -- I felt compelled to share the story of Leo's life. Before I found other parent blogs online, even before Leo's little eyes opened to take a peek at this world, it felt as though God had given us this little boy made the way he was for a purpose. So.....

  1. It's our duty as his family to be a voice for Leo in sharing his story and purpose.
  2. Our extended family lives hundreds of miles away and they all want to keep up with how our bundle progresses!
  3. I hope there might be something we experience that could help some other family as they go through the process of learning their little bundle has been blessed with three chromosome 21, or even provide information and trouble-shooting to other families along their own journey as they raise their little ones.
  4. What I would really love most of all, is for Leo to read these entries some day about his own journey.

So without continuing to ramble your eyes off, here we go. Buckle your seat belt, keep your hands and arms inside the windows, put on your sunglasses, and please enjoy the ride along this journey with us! 

love, Joyce


  1. I truly think you writing this blog is a wonderful thing for others. You may not realize how helpful it is. I have been reading other blogs today to inform myself about something Reid has recently been diagnosed with & reading other parents blogs & their child's journey is so informing & helpful. I hope you help may other families like others have helped you. Leo is precious & thank you for sharing.
    Love, Nicole

  2. Thanks Nicole! I would feel blessed if this blog helped someone else. It would bring me joy to help ease someone else's fear about raising a baby with DS, for sure. It's therapeutic for me, and it helps us keep family informed about how Leo's doing without long winded phone calls. If you decide to blog about Reid's diagnosis please let me know - I'd love to read it too. Love you and your sweet boy!

  3. We will have to see about blogging about Reid's disorder, maybe. We just found out last Tuesday about it after he had an MRI for migraines. Turns out he has a Chairi 1 malformation, a totally unexpected finding considering he had a normal MRI in 2009. I've been heartbroken, he doesn't have an appt. with the neurosurgeon until September, that is the soonest we can get in. So I am trying to educate myself & prepare for our visit & have all my questions ready. I'm trying to be patient & wait for our appt. but I really want all the answers right now. It's a scary thing, I am just going to put it out of my mind as best I can until then & pray.