Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year and 10 mo. (belated 9 mo.) check-up

With 2012 behind us, and all of the overwhelming challenges it brought... one of which was Leo's surgery, we are very excited to see what new things 2013 will bring.  I know it hasn't been very long since Leo's last update. But there are actually some new things going on and on the horizon that we had to take advantage of this chance to share!  The first being, Leo's belated 9 month well check-up.

Leo is actually 10 months old now. His 9 month check-up was delayed by our pediatrician because she wanted to see how he was doing after surgery. His stats:  weight 19.75 lb (25th %), height 27.5 in (10th %), and his round noggin measured in the 30th %!  His weight is right on track with where it has been, even though he hasn't gained in about 6 weeks. The good news is that he's re-gained the weight he lost during surgery.  Our chunky monkey has finally added some ounces on to his long term standard 24 oz per day... the past week he's been eating 28-30 oz per day.  He's been at 24 forever, it seems!  The only concern is his height.  He was in the 25th % for several months from birth, then the 50th % for a couple well checks, and at the 6 month visit he dropped to the 25th % and now the 10th %.  His thyroid is being rechecked to see if there are any issues causing the slow down.

In a way, our little man seems so big to us.  Yet his sister and brother were both in the 90th %... so he actually is quite small for our family standard.  His pediatrician went so far as to call him "petite" today. Who would've thought?  No matter what his size is, he is perfect to me.

The only other area of concern was an elevated platelet count.  This could be caused by the fact that he's just getting over the viral infection and pneumonia.  Leo will go back in a couple weeks to get the platelet count rechecked.  We would appreciate prayers for this area!

As far as development goes, and I quote, "he looks great!"  Apparently some of his recent tricks show he is leading up to crawling very soon.  He is much stronger and more balanced than what he wants to lead mom and dad to believe. Hmmmm... I wonder who likes to be held??  He actually sat up much longer for his doctor than he ever has for mom.  Apparently, we have ourselves a show-off... 

After 10 months of sleeping "elevated", aka ... sleeping in the bouncer chair, we have the go-ahead to move him straight to laying on the mattress.  Hooray!!  Now our big boy can enjoy sleeping in whatever position he likes.  He has wanted this for several weeks, so he happily put himself to sleep on his own tonight, sleeping on his side on his big boy crib mattress.

Now for our biggest news of all... Leo has been working on his first two teeth coming in for the past 10 days.  Yes, not one but two!  Finally, today... (and honestly, with the way he screamed on the way to take Meris to school this morning - I think that is when it happened...) his first tooth finally broke through!  I can't capture a picture yet, as it isn't in far enough... and little fat tongue keeps getting in the way... but believe me, there will be plenty of cute toothy pictures to come very, very soon!

We hope you all have had just as great of a start to 2013 as Leo has.  It's going to be a great year!


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