Tuesday, February 5, 2013

yes, 11 months already!

Our little lion is 11 months old today!  Can you believe it?  And check out his latest trick...

 I can hold on to stand!

He's not taking steps yet, and not even pulling to stand, but he sure does like to stand on his own for short periods of time with Mom's help!  It's a start...

Today we also celebrated another birthday.  Leo's big brother, Seth, turned 4 years old today.  When I posted pictures that included Seth's baby photo there were lots of comments about how much that baby picture looked like Leo.  So I thought I would do a little side-by-side comparison.  The interesting thing is Seth was 6 months in this picture and about the same size as Leo who is 11 months.  In fact, I still have these little overalls (size 12 mo) and I'm planning to have Leo's photo taken in them for his 1 year pictures!  Isn't that crazy?

More alike than different...

Seth on the left (at 6 months) turned 4 yrs today... and Leo on the right turned 11 mo today! 

I know it's been a whole month since our last Leo Update, and the biggest blessing is that I have very little to share.  I have to say (although I hesitate to let it slide off my fingertips as I type it...), this past month has been the quietest one so far, medically speaking, since Leo was born.  Hoooo Rahhh!!  Finally. A little break.  After recovering from surgery in December, Leo had another respiratory virus in mid-January at the same time Seth had strep.  His visit to the pulmonologist was basically uneventful.  He had another synagis injection to protect against RSV.  We followed up with the pediatrician to have blood counts rechecked (after some abnormal labs following surgery), and those were perfect.  I can happily say those four sentences sum up our month!

As for milestones, he's been sitting up longer every day and has completely mastered the skill.  Leo still likes to get on all fours and rock, but hasn't shown much interest in crawling yet... he still loves to roll.  I guess he's just a rock-n-roller!! Actually, I think he's smart enough to realize rolling gets him around faster.  He loves to stand but isn't interested in taking steps yet.  There's a lack of confidence in balance right now, that's for sure.  But if there's one thing this boy loves to do, and I mean LOVES to do... that's talk!  He jabbers constantly now. And I swear, he talks back!  If he isn't happy about something (especially working in therapy) he will not hesitate to complain about it.  The funniest little thing!

All in all, we are incredibly proud of how our little lion has grown....


Oh how we adore this precious boy!

With love,

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  1. jo rolled around forever it seems! LOL yay for an uneventful month though medically! :) NEED to meet and squeeze this crazy cute kid. just sayin